For more information click the links below: Communication device (Gateway) Sistemas & Control Integral Siglo XXI C/ Jaume Balmes,10 08210 Barbera del Vallés Datasheet of the P-COM 001 gateway. Datasheet of the ETH/RS232/RS485 (RFP24PAB) communication gateway. Datasheet of the caption module of signals AC 220V/380V RS485/RF (ACIxFPAW). Datasheet of the signal sensor caption module for liquids (SENFPA). Is an interface module for communicate two or more devices via  radiofrequency. The device support a type 1 to n architecture, ergo, a  master and some slaves, until a total of 32.  Sitio WEB en construcción y pruebas. Registered in the commercial register of Girona tome: 2659 Folio 112 Sheet Number GI-46292 Inscription: 1st