Products For a total adequation to our products, like modem or the gps, in SISTEMAS & CONTROL we develop apps for the usage of our products. This applications runs in Android and iOS (developing) operative systems. This two apps manages the alarm modem and the vehicle locator (GPS). For more information click the links below: Application develop for android devices Sistemas & Control Integral Siglo XXI C/ Jaume Balmes,10 08210 Barbera del Vallés Demo video of the vehicle locator app. Demo video of the alarm modem app. Download the DEMO app for the GPS control, SYCTRACK. Download the DEMO app for the alarm Modem control, SYCMODEM. Sitio WEB en construcción y pruebas. Registered in the commercial register of Girona tome: 2659 Folio 112 Sheet Number GI-46292 Inscription: 1st